Jan Event Recap: 10 Tips on How to motivate our people to stick to our goals

上周我们很荣幸地邀请到了不同领域的三位项目领导人来与我们分享她们的经验:费晓静,上海Impact Hub的创始人以及经理;Carla Escudero,曾担任西门子拉丁美洲项目经理;郑逸南现任创中引创投董事。她们三人都分享了她们的激励人们实现目标的方法和策略。

Last week we had the pleasure of featuring three seasoned project managers from various industries: Fei Xiaojing, CEO and Founder of Impact Hub Shanghai; Carla Escudero former senior project manager at SIEMENS Latin America and Amanda Zhang Principal at China Impact Ventures. All three women shared their strategies for motivating their people to stick to their goals.

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她们分享的精彩故事分别为:创建中国第一个Impact Hub,将秘鲁一个失亏损项目转变为成功案例,以及从金融模型的角度理解了社会创业的动力。下面是我们对于这些精彩分享的十点总结,帮助大家在团队管理中开始实践:

Three different perspectives were shared which included: founding the first Impact Hub in China, transforming a loss leading project in Peru to a success story and understanding the motivation of social startups from a financial modelling perspective. We’ve condensed their presentations into 10 key points that you can action in your teams today to start leading.


10 Key Tips to motivate our people to stick to our goals

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图片源引自费晓静 Slides from Xiaojing Fei




1.Understand where motivation comes from

Motivation often overlaps with the company’s larger goals as well as our team member’s personal goals. Firstly, the incentive and reward system is setup to reward team member’s for accomplishing their KPIs. They are driven at the most basic level to meet these performance goals. Secondly, individuals each have their own personal goals and ambitions which they are either working towards or hope to materialise the near future.

As leaders, understanding where these two goals overlap helps us tap into a higher order motivating factor that inspires our team members deliver on our shared company goals while accomplishing their personal goals. Identifying this overlap in motivation helps achieve a win win outcome for the company and our team.

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图片源引自费晓静 Slides from Xiaojing Fei”


当一个新的团队和成员加入我们公司的时候,我们作为领导者的工作就是与我们的员工共同创造共同的意愿。 这正在团队中形成强烈的意图,共同前进,实现集团的目标。 让团队成员参与共同创作有助于所有成员实现共同目标。 与我们团队共同创造一个共同的意愿或共同的意图,将产生集体的力量来克服前行中的各种困难和挑战。

2.Co-create a shared will

When a group of people come together or when new members join our team, it’s our job as leaders to work with our people to create shared will. This is creating a strong intention among the team to move forward together to achieve the group’s goals. Involving team members in the process of co-creation helps to align all members towards a common goal. Co-creating a shared will or shared intention with our team results in collective strength needed to weather the challenges that lay ahead.


一旦我们有共同的意愿来实现我们的目标,领导者就必须花时间了解我们每个团队成员的动力,因为这个因人而异。 一旦我们明白员工的驱动力,我们就可以利用这些驱动力来量身定制我们的沟通和认同,从而获得最好的结果,并创造一个支持他们个人目标的环境。这表明我们认识到我们的团队成员对个人成就的需求,并使我们能够将这些个人激励因素与公司目标结合起来。

3.Identify a personal why

Once we have a shared will to achieve our goals, leaders must take the time to understand what drives each of our team members because this varies from person to person. Once we understand what drives our people we can tap into these driving forces to tailor our communication and recognition to each person to get the best out of them and create an environment that supports their personal goals. This shows that we recognise our team members’ need for personal accomplishments and enables us to align these personal motivators with the company’s goals.


一旦我们建立了强大的共同愿景并且了解了每一个人的驱动力,我们必须为我们的团队定义一条清晰的路径来实现我们团队的目标。我们能够做到这一点的一些方式是明确和一致地传达愿景和使命,为我们的员工指定目标,以培养他们的能力,提供指导,培训,以及重新设定成员的工作量。 作为领导者,我们的角色是帮助我们的员工实现他们的个人梦想和公司的共同愿景。

4.Define a clear path way

Once we’ve co-created a strong sense of will and understand what drives each of our members, we must define a clear path way for our team to achieve our group’s goals. Some ways we can do this is by clearly and consistently communicating the vision and mission, assigning our people stretch goals to build their competencies, providing mentorship, making training accessible and reprioritising member workloads. As leaders, our role is to help our people realise their dreams and the company’s together.


识别我们团队中的所有有影响力对于帮助团队中的每个人并传达项目目标都是非常有用的。例如,涉及到一级领导和受人尊重的成员,拥有很多追随者的投诉人或许多人喜欢的魅力团队成员。 一旦我们很好的使用这些影响力,说服他人支持团队目标会变得更容易。

5.Identify the influencers on your team

Identifying all the influencers on our team is useful to reach everyone on the team and transmit the project goals. For example, involving the level headed and respected member, the complainer who has a lot of the followers or the charismatic team member whom many people enjoy working with. Once our influencers are on board it becomes easier to convince others to support the team goals.


在开工会议上,把项目作为一个机会,而不是作为一个问题,以保持我们的团队积极性,并且给他们成就感。 对于其他人来说,将项目作为一个挑战来解决可能是有益的。 知道采取哪种方法取决于我们团队的个人动机,所以我们必须明智地选择。 在每周的会议中,确保非常清楚地传达目标,并尽可能经常提示这些团队的目标。

6.Present the situation as a challenge and not as a problem

At the kick off meeting, present the project as an opportunity instead of as a problem to keep our team motivated and give them a sense of accomplishment. For others, it may be useful to present the project as a challenge to be solved. Knowing which approach to take depends on the personal motivations of our team so we must choose wisely. At every weekly meeting, make sure to transmit the goals very clearly and keep reminding the team of these goals using visuals as often as possible.



7.Learn how to influence your team members

We have to know what motivates our team leaders and team members in order to influence them to stick to our goals. Monetary motivation works the most when work is operational and repetitive as in manufacturing. When work requires a more cognitive approach other things tend to motivate us such as: personal or professional growth, acknowledgement, open communication, etc. Consider these tactics based on the type of work involved in the project.



8.Acknowledge the good work

Publicly acknowledge and praise our team for their hard work and efforts. Take the opportunity to praise team members for their leaderships skills and provide the stage for team members who want to be noticed as high performers or overachievers to be noticed by other department heads and members of other teams. This improves morale in the team.


让所有的团队成员都知道他们对自己的工作很重视,都同样重要 - 这不仅仅是项目成果。询问团队成员对项目的感受,听取他们的意见。如果团队规模较大,关键影响者和团队领导人可以通过展示他们重视团队成员的标志来保持团队精神。记住要考虑文化规范和什么是适当的行为。

9.Show empathy

Let all team members know they are valued for their work and equally important - it’s not just about the project results. Ask team members how they feel about the project and listen to their opinions. If the team is large, key influencers and team leaders can keep spirits up in the team by displaying signs that they value their team members. Remember to consider cultural norms and what is appropriate behaviour.



10.Divide the project in milestones and celebrate them

Create a sense of accomplishment by celebrating every milestone to make the road a little bit easier. Team lunches and birthday celebrations can become a regular thing. Get together with all project managers to discuss the good things accomplished and mentioned specific accomplishments of individual team members that deserve recognition. Keep all individual feedback whether positive or negative for one on one conversations. Keep all meetings open and encourage team members to share their opinions.

结论 Conclusion


Understanding why our people choose to work with us, where they would like to go in their professional lives and what we can do to help them realise their potential recognises our team members as people. This builds loyalty, respect, trust and ultimately a keen sense of commitment to achieving the group’s goals even under pressure.


Thank you to all our speakers for sharing their stories and lessons from the field. These tips certainly humanises the leadership experience and respects the uniqueness of our people within a collective team.

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